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For multiple jobs, you'll need ample supplies! We're offering our most popular products in convenient contractor sizes for DIYers and professionals alike. Save yourself some time and stock up with these handy packs from Fast Replacement Glass!

  • A.W. Perkins Black Furnace Cement: bonds metal to metal, makes joints smoke and gas tight, and withstands temperatures up to 2000° F! Fits into standard caulking gun for easy application!
  • NuFlex Hi-Temp Silicone Sealant: non-slumping sealant that performs at temperatures ranging from -85° to 500° F! Ideal for a number of sealing and bonding applications and adheres to a number of surfaces. Use with a standard caulking gun for fast and simple application!
  • Stove Bright M230 Hi-Temp Sealant: easy-to-use for maintenance and installation of direct vent appliances! Effective for sealing metal flues as well as door gasket adhesion. Resists temperatures 900°-1100° F, and is easily applied with the use of a standard caulking gun!
  • Cre-Away Squeeze Bottle Creosote Modifier: used regularly, it makes removal much easier! Treats stubborn deposits and neutralizes acidity and odors. One bottle treats 2-3 chimneys!
  • Super 3000 Premium Refractory Cement Mix: super-duty mortar for masonry-to-masonry applications. Premixed without grit for troweling, and with grit for parging. Withstands temperatures up to 3000° F!

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